Which One Gets Buyer's Time And Attention

When considering the benefits of staging a vacant property some of the impact is pretty obvious-an empty room is bland and undefined while a staged room is warm and inviting.  What may not be as apparent is the amount of time the average buyer spends viewing an empty vs. staged home.  If you are a prospective buyer viewing listing photos, how much time will you spend looking at pictures of empty rooms of a house?

Staging will increase the amount of time and attention buyers give listing photos which in turn can increase the number of showings of the home.  Why leave a property vacant knowing it will get less showings?

  • A staged property shows like a showroom.  It will generate much more traffic from the pictures and marketing materials.
  • Some floor plans can be very confusing to a potential buyers.  Identifying the space and giving it a function and personality with furniture, eliminates the confusion.
  • Buyers have a difficult time visualizing how their belongings will fit into an empty space.  Staging a house for sale and styling the rooms provides a sense of scale so prospects can better judge the size of the rooms.
  • A vacant house appears abandoned and leaves buyers feeling empty.  In addition, all vacant houses seem alike.  When Staging with Style stages a vacant property, it becomes a warm, inviting space-one that they can move into, mentally.

Selling a vacant home often results in a lower net return.  The main reason for this is that first impressions play a big part in selling homes.  When buyers walk into a home that looks bright, inviting and comfortable, they feel good.  When most buyers walk into a vacant home, they feel somewhat at a loss.  Think of it this way: an empty room = an empty impression.  This is why developers furnish model homes.

Furnishing and staging a vacant property requires an investment.  However, this investment will allow your property (the product) to be effectively packaged to reach a much broader audience than a vacant property will attract.

The skill and insight of a professional home stager can turn your vacant house into an inviting home.  Let Staging with Style help sell your vacant property faster and for more money!  We are Accredited Staging Professionals (ASP).

Provide internet presence: Just a few short years ago, the National Association of Realtors estimated that 30% of home buyers began their property searches on the internet. Today, that number has soared to more than 80-90%. It's important that a property photograph well so that potential buyers don't immediately dismiss it.

Give buyers a vision: Some sellers think that buyers can easily "envision" their belongings in an empty room. Not true! It is estimated that 90% of buyers do not have the "eye" or spatial relationship ability to mentally furnish a room. And, according to Barbara Corcoran, The Today Show's real estate expert, many come away with the impression the room is too small.  Strategically using key pieces of furniture, augmented by accessories, allows buyers to actually see a room's effective use of space.

Give buyers a warm welcoming feeling: One client summed it up best: "I want the house to have some feeling in it."

Make the investment: Yes, furnishing and staging a vacant property requires an investment. However, this investment will allow the product you are selling - your vacant property or listing - to be effectively packaged to reach a much broader audience than a vacant property will attract.

​500 Realtors and brokers from all over the country were polled at the National Association of Realtors Expo recently in San Diego. The survey uncovered some startling Realtor feedback about the value of home staging in today’s market:
-96% believed buyers react better to fully-stage homes than vacant ones
-94% believed vacant homes take longer to sell than fully-stage homes
-94% believed vacant homes sell for less money than fully-stage homes
-The majority of Realtors surveyed agreed that vacant homes take twice as long to sell and sell for at least 15% less than a fully-staged home.


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